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Putnam Town Supervisor

Darrell T. Wilson



Photo courtesy of Tom Kerr



Welcome to the Town of Putnam, New York, located at the northernmost point of Washington County. Putnam is nestled between Lake George to the West and Lake Champlain to the East, and bordering  Ticonderoga, New York (Essex County) to the North, and Dresden, New York to the South.







Town Clerk



Mon. Tues. Fri. Sat.

9 A.M - 1 P.M.


Tuesday & Thursday

5 P.M. - 7 P.M.


Closed: Sun. & Wed.


(518) 547 - 8317

FAX (518) 547 - 9705



Town Clerk

Darlene Kerr


Deputy Clerk

Mary Jane Dedrick

State route 22 North turn off

Israel Putnam

The town of Putnam is rich in history, getting its name from Israel Putnam (January 7, 1718 - May 29, 1790) who was an American Army general and Freemason, popularly known as "Old Put." Putnam's famous quote "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, then shoot low" is still well known today.

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