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Putnam Animal Control

Putnam NY, Putnam animal control, Putnam dog catcher
Washington County NY, Town of Putnam, Putnam animal control
Washington County NY, Putnam animal control, Town of Putnam animal control

Dog Control Officer

Nancy Quell




Dog Licenses

In accordance with New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, you must license your dog in the township the dog is being harbored. You must have a rabies certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian, with you. Washington County was declaired a rabies county in August of 1992, therefore New York State requires a rabies certificate in order for you to license your dog. If your dog has been spayed or neutered you must also have a spaying or neutering certificate with you. We will make copies of the certificates for our records and return the originals to you.

You can license your dog at the

Putnam Town Clerk's office.

Dog License Fees

$15. for un-spayed and un-neutered dogs.

$6. for spayed and neutered dogs.


Pick Up Fees

1st offense $25

2nd offense $50

3rd offense up to $100

Boarding Fee $15 PER Day



Town of Putnam, Putnam animal control, Washington county NY

Wild Animal Control Officer



James Hebert

(518) 585-4440





Town of Putnam, Washington County NY
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