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Putnam Central School

Putnam Central School


126 County Route 2

P.O. Box 91

Putnam Station, NY 12861


(518) 547-8266

FAX (518) 547-9567



Mr. Matthew Boucher


Confidential Secretary


Ms. Kim Brown

Putnam Central School serves children Pre-K through sixth grade. Upon graduation the children move on to the Ticonderoga School District to complete grades seven through 12. Putnam Central School Website

Putnam Central School is committed to keeping up with today's technology using smart boards and offering students the opportunity to become familiar with computers and the internet. Putnam Central School offers a unique educational experience to its students combining the small town school  with the technological advancements of a modern education.

Ticonderoga Central School District serves the children of Putnam from grades seven through 12. Ticonderoga is known throughout New York State as one of the top districts in the Adirondack region. Ticonderoga Schools Website

Putnam School Board



Charles Bain Jr.


Vice President

Jodie Bruce



Gerry Gendron

Beth McIntyre

Carole Koehler




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