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How to pay your fine

Before you can pay a fine you need to enter a plea to the court.


  1. Traffic infractions:  A plea can be entered in one of two ways. You can sign the plea section on the ticket the officer gave you then mail it to the court BEFORE the appearance date listed on the ticket. OR you can appear in the court on the day and time listed on the ticket given to you by the officer.

  2. Misdemeanor: you must appear in person.

  3. Once you have entered a plea the Town Justice will make a decision. If the Town Justice decides a fine is appropriate a fine will be assigned at that time. Some offenses also require that a state surcharge be imposed in addition to the fine. If you plead by mail a fine notice will be mailed to you. If you appear in person you will be notified before you leave the court of any fines and surcharges you may owe and when they are due.


To pay your fine:


  1. A fine can be paid in the court at the time of your appearance or at a later due date assigned by the court.

  2. If you entered a plea by mail and the judge deems it appropriate to assign a fine you will be mailed a fine notice with the due date and amount of the fine printed on it. If you'd like a return receipt you will need to include a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

Accepted forms of payment:

  1. Cash if you're paying in person (Do not mail cash). You MUST have exact change as the court does not have petty cash.

  2. Money order.

  3. Cashiers check.

  4. Online. (there is a fee of 7% to pay online)  

All payments must be made in US currency

on or before the due date.

Personal checks will NOT be accepted.



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